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In US and other western countries modafinil is a prescribed drug and sometimes it cannot be purchased without the prescription of a doctor. You can buy modafinil online with many latest pharmacist online stores. To order quickly you can go for the order easy meds to but this drug without any prescription. The prominent brand used in this drug is Provigil. Most of the time many online pharmacies named it a mod-alert drug. There will be no guarantee and surety about getting a real product in online but some of the latest and approved online pharmacies sell real and 1st-grade medicines.

As per the prescription, this drug is highly costly in US and western countries. As a replacement for this drug Adrafinil used which is less costly and can be purchased without a prescription. A perfect dosage form is a mention on the instruction label of this drug.

Dosage and instruction details:

The dosage of 100mg: It is a capsule shape pill which is available in white and rough white color tablets. You can take up to 2 tablets in one day in morning and evening.

The dosage of 200 mg: This tablet is available in white color which is debauched with the substance of Provigil on the back side and 200 mg on the other side of the packet.

Why Is Modafinil Used?

This drug is used to promote and enhance the mental energy of the human body. It is considered to be the most powerful cognitive enhancer found in all over the world. Some individuals use this drug daily to boost their productivity, increase concentration and maximize their cognitive capacities. You should understand the side effects of this drug before taking this drug for the very first time.

According to the recent survey, this drug is safe to use and used by millions of people worldwide. But apparently, there is some sort of risk inherit by using this drug without a prescription. You should take this drug under the proper guide and prescription of a doctor and you should not buy this drug from any irregular and fake online pharmacy.


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